The Apparel Export Promotion Council, sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India was incorporated on 22nd February, 1978, as a Company Limited Guarantee and licensed under Sec. 25 of the Companies Act 1956 with the objective to promote, increase, develop export of all types of Readymade garments.

  • Exploring markets and identifies items offering export potential.
  • Conducting market surveys on identified items and provide market intelligence.
  • Establishing contacts with the prospective buyers to generate their interest in India products.
  • Providing library facility to members to know latest fashion trends in world market.
  • Sponsoring trade delegations, study teams ans sales teams to market to abroad.
  • Organizing buyer-seller meets for selected products/group of products.
  • Developing new markets for existing products.
  • Helping in products development and modification suit the needs of different markets.
  • Advising on international marketing.
  • Participating in trade fairs and exhibitions abroad.
  • Disseminating international marketing information.
  • Coordinating with various Government agencies/department with regard to the export promotion programmes.
  • Collection cost data of garments and provide to the Govt. for the fixation of duty drawback and cash compensatory support.
  • Advising Govt. on the export-import policy in respect pf readymade garments.
  • Advising Govt. on formulation of the entitlement policy.
  • To Provide trained manpower to the Readymade Garment Industry through Apparel  Training and Design Centres.