Japan India Industry Promotion Association (JIIPA) is a Tokyo based NPO affiliated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that promotes trade and business between Japan and India.

JIIPA leverages its best-in-class network, key ecosystem partners and extensive information resources to promote industrial exchanges, strategic partnerships and corporate development and functions as the voice of the Indo-Japan business community at a associations and institutional level, internationally and within both countries.

Since its inception in 2009, JIIPA has become the silk route for promoting industries, technologies, services, companies and market opportunities between the countries. As a highly regarded and respected institution in India and Japan, with a qualified team and a number of key contacts and connections, the Japan India Industry Promotion Association (JIIPA) has played a major role in advancing corporate as well as cultural understanding between India and Japan, for over 13 years.

JIIPA has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Mumbai, New Delhi, India for networking with regional business organizations, trade and industry, media, government agencies. JIIPA also works closely with the embassies and government institutions in both countries, as well as Industry Associations, Private Organizations, and Non Profits for expanding business opportunities between India and Japan business through a range of specialized services.